Do you know that our economic growth model is purely based on debt?

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The Origins of AllConscious

Like most inhabitants of this planet, we live in a type of society that is the result of a rapid consolidation which happened several centuries before our birth.
This caused an immediate effect on how we see life from our childhood, during our adolescence and during our maturity.  

This way of seeing reality makes it very difficult to believe that the social configuration in which we live could ever be different: a configuration fairer for all.
We are so busy with our obligation to survival that most of us do not have the time to reflect on new patterns of life that could really be full of abundance, prosperity, happiness (in the end, everything that we wished each other during Christmas and New Year).  

The weight with which this system is presented is so heavy for all of us to live our lives as best as possible without much challenging the status quo.
Doing it differently would condemn ourselves to troubles. What for, if it's already enough to live with a certain balance in the midst of all this complexity?  

So, either we consciously condemn our inaction and as a result, even if unintentionally, we perpetuate the current system, and our lives will have no meaning, no more than to live as discarded plants from the wild or animals without freedom attached to laced dominated by a master.
Either we join the hundreds of thousands of people today who argue one way or another for a much better society. And then to be worth the time, we decide to choose the smarter of all possible solutions. For the purpose must be real, it must have specific goals to be achieved within a time frame that allows us still to enjoy it, not only that we work solely and exclusively for future generations, although that our action will offer them a way of society very different from that in which we were born.  

So we believe that "act wisely" is first to realize that individually we will not develop "the" model of society that will exit the current archaism to push us toward a new lifestyle just, human and abundant of resources for all. But thanks to information technology and communication, we can gather on one platform many existing projects in the world which are very advanced in their thinking for the same cause.
We know how to read, write and reflect, and that's enough. WE CAN REALLY ACT.  

In this context ...

* The existence of abundant natural resources of our planet;

* The level of technological development (and potential) that humanity has already reached today;

* And the ability of developing the full potential of every human being ...

... are evidence that we have largely sufficient resources to house, feed, heat, dress every human being to build a profile of a fair society for us today and for future generations.

The construction of this new mode of society is inevitable and it starts with an awareness on the part of all of us. Awareness of what? THAT OUR UNITY AS HUMAN BEINGS, INHABITANTS OF A PLANET ABUNDANT AND ABLE TO USE THIS ABUNDANCE AND TECHNOLOGY EXCLUSIVELY FOR OUR GOOD TO BE IN COMPLIANCE WITH ALL OF THE NATURE AND ALL OF US.

AllConscious's origines come from this thought.

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